Thursday, November 28, 2013

On Scandal

Yes, the (or should I say another) Shonda Rhimes hit TV show and I'm definitely a Gladiator!

In light of Scandal being on a two week hiatus, I shall write about my feelings toward Scandal. I'm not a TV/movie critic so feel free to disagree with what I have to say...and tell me about it! [I know y'all are reading, why don't y'all comment?!] Also, you won't be seeing any character analysis, plot dissertations or any of that other stuff that professional critics do...I'm just talking like you probably do every Thursday or Friday morning with your friends. I hopped on the Scandal train about a year late. When it came around as a mid-season replacement for a cancelled show, I had just given birth to Parker so I was none the wiser. After my little sister threatened to disown me, I binge watched seasons 1 & 2 about 2 weeks before the season 3 premiere and I'm definitely hooked! Who doesn't love a good drama (especially with the gorgeous Kerry Washington as leading lady)?!

If you've never seen the show: it comes on at 10 pm on Thursdays, right after Rhimes' other hit, Grey's Anatomy. The VERY basic premise is that the POTUS is having an affair with a famous DC area "fixer", Olivia Pope. Believe me though, that's the LEAST of the scandals of the show. You should definitely check it out. And if you plan's the time since the season 3 finale starts Dec. 5th!

So on Thursday nights, I get on my mainly forgotten twitter account and see what everyone is tweeting about during the show. Here's some of the main things I see and some thoughts I have...that need more than 140 characters:

  • "I hate cheaters!" All I have to say about that one is...this ain't bout you! We're all against adulterers, it's a sin....vows are sacred...yada yada yada. It's not right, but on this's ok! Fitz and Mellie basically had/have an arranged marriage, she was picked as a pawn in his trail to the White House. They didn't marry for love, they married for power. (Albeit, we did see recently that at some point they had what appeared to be a normal loving relationship). Mellie knew what the deal was. She got where she wanted and if she wants a political career of her own, she needs to keep her eye on the prize and stop being in love with her husband lol! It seems outrageous to say but the major difference between Mellie and you or me is that we probably will/did marry for LOVE. So yes, it's appalling when your husband cheats on you but on Scandal I'm definitely Team Liv&Fitz!!
  • "Liv is stupid for going back to Fitz!" He's the President of the United States of Shondaland. Some of us have been stupid for less...much less! I've done some stupid stuff for like at least Fitz and Liv are in love. So just let Liv live, dang lol. Besides, I don't think she's being that stupid but maybe that's just me lol.
  • "Quinn needs to die." I absolutely agree. I jumped with joy last week when I saw Huck's toolbox. I hope he tortures the hell outta her, then kills her lol. But I know Shonda ain't gone let it go down like that, Charlie will probably pop up somewhere but really I hope Huck gets them both at the same time haha! Quinn is just too stupid for words. Did she really think she was down with B-613 and she's never had a lick of training? She can't do what Huck and Charlie can do as far as making things look like an accident, or being unseen or...anything! The sad part about her story is that even if Huck does kill her, Eli won't care because she's not his investment, he even told Charlie to get rid of her if he had to. I cannot wait to see what Huck does to her during the Finale. I just hope Shonda doesn't get our hopes up and he doesn't even go through with the torturing...this isn't the time for Huck to find Jesus Shonda!! Don't do it to us!!!
  • "I love Jake." or "I hope Jake and Liv get together." I could not disagree more. I actually hate Jake and hope he goes the way of Quinn lol. Seriously, he's just complicating things and he's corny as hell. "Your face got me through" when discussing his experience in the hole...BOOOOOOO!! I wish he would have stayed in the hole and I can't wait until Eli gets hold to him again lol. I don't think him and Liv make a cute couple, and I think he needs to realize he was Liv's rebound that one time! I wonder what Shonda has up her sleeves for Jake though, because he can't stay around forever right? We shall see..
  • "Eli Pope is a boss." I can do nothing else but agree...because I'm afraid of him. Next!

Now onto Liv's mama and my speculations for the finale. Basically I think Liv's mom is some type of enemy of the state and having the plane shot down was to kill her but Eli kept her alive because she's his wife...or more importantly because she's his daughter's mother. The mom alluded to an agreement they had that she would live in hiding and he would take care of Liv, Eli also mentioned how it was her fault. So I think she disobeyed some B-613 orders for something BIG.  I also think Liv is barking up the wrong tree trying to protect her...I mean I get it, that's yo mama but she's obviously not the "white hat" type of person. I think once Liv finds out whatever she did, she'll be disappointed and feel indifferent towards her mother as she does toward Eli. She'll never forgive Eli if he kills her but I think as long as Eli puts her back in prison (can I even call it prison?) then she'll be ok and possibly feel better about her dad and what he does. I also hope along the way...Jake and Quinn get killed lol. But that would just be the cherry on top of my Scandal sundae!

So Gladiators...we'll have to wait until Dec. 5th to find out but let me know what you think is going to happen!

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